AJAT is a dynamic Finnish company designing, developing and manufacturing, in-house, cutting-edge digital radiation imaging sensors for dental, industrial and medical applications.

Radiation Digital Imaging Sensors

Within its state of the art facility AJAT designs and manufactures a variety of x and gamma ray digital imaging sensors based on the new paradigm: direct conversion utilizing CdTe or CdZnTe interconnected to CMOS readout chips. Our sensors are integrated by our OEM partners in a plurality of systems, spanning from dental panoramic/cephalometry/3D imaging to industrial applications and medical imaging.  AJAT is an ISO13485:2003 Certified company.

X-ray imaging systems

Through OEM partnerships, AJAT also offers dental panoramic/cephalometry systems, incorporating the unique sensor technology (ART Plus ® series), available through an expanding network of distributors and dealerships


AJAT is subsidiary of XCounterSweden

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